Position Title:Assistant Public Defender I

Company:City Of Bexar County Tx

Location:San Antonio, TX

Job Description:

Under general direction of the Chief Public Defender, is responsible for representing defendants during the initial Article 15.17 hearing; supervises support staff; conducts legal research; coordinates with Bexar County Pre-trial services; negotiates with the District Attorney’s office on bond amount and conditions; represents defendants before the appropriate Magistrate Judge; and performs related duties as required.  This position prefers experience representing clients who have a mental illness or retardation or experience working with this population in any capacity.


  • Supervises support staff in the operational aspects of representing indigent defendants at the initial Article 15.17 hearing
  • Consult with jail personnel, mental health experts, treatment providers and pre-trial services and their staffs, on issues related to setting bond amount and conditions
  • Interviews defendants, obtain information relevant to bond amounts and conditions, research charges and criminal history
  • Advise clients on the Article 15.17 hearing, the charges against them, their rights and opportunities for treatment
  • Researches relevant state statutes and case law
  • Confers with prosecuting attorneys on bond amounts and conditions
  • Provide representation of defendants at magistration, which operates on a 24 hours a day/7 days a week basis
  • Performs related duties as required


  • Effective organizational and time management skills required to successfully execute job duties; must possess the skill to manage a demanding caseload of cases assigned.
  • Ability to work with mentally ill indigent defendants; ability to communicate effectively with hostile, abusive and irrational individuals; ability to ascertain factual information from conflicting or purposely inaccurate data; ability to communicate effectively with hostile, abusive or irrational individuals; ability to organize and present facts and legal arguments, with supporting logic, in a courtroom setting; ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; ability to operate personal computer; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, County employees, outside agencies and the general public
  • Must be licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and maintain good standing with State Bar of Texas
  • Must comply with all conditions imposed at the Judicial Intake and Assessment Center
  • Must secure and maintain a pre-employment physical and a pre-employment drug screen test
  • Must secure and maintain a favorable background investigation
  • May be required to work shifts and hours outside the normal 8-5 business day
  • May be required to work more than 40 hours during the workweek