Position Title:Detention

Company:City Of Bexar County Tx

Location:San Antonio, TX

Job Description:

Under general direction of the Chief Public Defender, is responsible for representing defendants during the initial Article 15.17 hearing; supervises support staff; conducts legal research; coordinates with Bexar County Pre-trial services; negotiates with the District Attorney’s office on bond amount and conditions; represents defendants before the appropriate Magistrate Judge; and performs related duties as required.  This position prefers experience representing clients who have a mental illness or retardation or experience working with this population in any capacity.


  • Controls, secures and manages inmates at the Adult Detention Center and Jail Annex
  • Supervises inmates assigned to work detail such as serving meals, preparing laundry, and performing routine maintenance in the jail facility
  • Books and classifies inmates
  • Transfers and transport inmates
  • Performs inmate inspections, shakedowns and room searches
  • Responds to and resolves crisis situations such as fights, fires and medical emergencies and restraining physically violent inmates
  • Assists with inmates personal needs such as telephone calls, mail, laundry, visits and commissary
  • Completes and processes required paperwork on inmates and events occurring within the jail facilities
  • Performs related duties as required


  • Graduation from High School or a General Education Development (GED) certificate
  • Knowledge of jail environment work; knowledge of basic safety standards and procedures
  • Skill in communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing; skill in defending self
  • Ability to read and comprehend narrative hand-written materials, including pass-on logs, round sheets, caution tags, cell search logs, etc
  • Ability to read and comprehend printed materials, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), fire procedures, and the Inmate Handbook
  • Ability to read and comprehend computer screen information and data when booking individuals
  • Ability to prepare hand-written activity logs, and narrative incident and offense reports in a legible and grammatically acceptable manner to permit comprehension by the receiving party
  • Ability to understand and exchange information with supervisors and co-workers when receiving assignments, instructions, shift change information, and while performing assigned duties and tasks
  • Ability to understand and exchange information with the general public, including attorneys, jail visitors, and maintenance personnel
  • Ability to interact with inmates, and to understand and comprehend inmate responses to questions
  • Ability to provide verbal direction to inmates to affect conformance to rules, regulations, and other directives